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Top Ten Trends of 2022

NBFN’S TOP TEN TRENDS OF 2022 2022 was a year of contrasts. On the one hand, there was growing interest in blue forests-related issues such as the blue economy, marine protection, and how the ocean can play a major role in lifting us out of the current climate and environmental crisis. On the other hand, […]

Oceans & Blue Carbon at COP27

OCEANS & BLUE CARBON AT COP27 This live blog features oceans, blue forests, and coastal and oceanic blue carbon related side events at UNFCCC COP27 (6 – 18 Nov). This post will be updated throughout the COP and was originally posted on GEF Blue Forests Project. For any suggested updates or edits please email: steven.lutz […]

Norwegian Blue Forest Network invites you to the 2nd Annual Blue Forest Week

Please save the date: Tuesday November 16th to Thursday November 18th, 2021

Landscape Mapping Blue Forests Policy in Norway

Landscape Mapping Blue Forests Policy in Norway The Norwegian Government has granted approximately 327 million Norwegian kroner towards blue forests projects in 25 countries around the world since 2015 In celebration of Earth day, the Norwegian Blue Forest Network (NBFN) has launched a landscape mapping of Norwegian blue forest policy and projects. Blue forests are […]

TURFALGAE workshop

TURFALGAE WORKSHOP  With support from NBNF and RCN (The Research Council of Norway), NIVA arranged an international workshop on turf algae in Oslo from May 31st to June 2nd, 2017 where the threats posed by turf algae to kelps and seagrasses were discussed. The aim of the workshop was to gather national and international leading […]

Blue Forests, Jazz and Tapas

BLUE FORESTS, JAZZ AND TAPAS What are Blue Forests? Did you know that Blue Forests can help us fight climate change? Join us at this uplifting evening event with jazz from the famous musicians Rasmus Solem, Espen Larsen and Arild Nyborg. Come and meet our experts, partners and supporters and learn more about the beautiful […]

Presentation at The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

PRESENTATION AT THE NORWEGIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE AND LETTERS On Monday 2nd September 2017, Hege Gundersen (NIVA) and Glen Peters (CICERO) were invited from The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters to hold a presentation about Carbon uptake in forests – The Earths’ natural buffer for climate changes. Glen was dealing with the green – and Hege […]

Interview at NRK Radio- Ekko

INTERVIEW AT NRK RADIO- EKKO On Wednesday, September 11, 2017, Hartvig Christie and Hege Gundersen were interviewed at NRK Ekko about the status of kelp forests in Norway and the role of blue forests in carbon uptake. Kelp forests along the Norwegian coast are slowly growing back after more than forty years of absence due […]

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

HOW BIG, HOW BLUE, HOW BEAUTIFUL Reposted story from GRID-Arendal Seagrasses help fight climate change in Norway Human activity releases 9.9 Gt of carbon every year. That’s 9,900,000,000 tonnes – equivalent to emissions from 2 billion passenger cars for one year. For perspective, there are just over a billion cars on the road in the world […]


KLECO WORKSHOP Role of kelp export in shaping adjacent benthic ecosystems: steps for international collaboration Oslo, 19-20 September 2017 The main goal of the KELCO workshop was to bring together national and international experts with different scientific backgrounds on kelp and benthic ecology to share data and information and identify and strengthen synergies amongst ongoing […]

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