Raet National Park is a marine national park, which includes approx. 607 square kilometers of the coastal nature and the sea outside the municipalities of Tvedestrand, Arendal and Grimstad – from the municipal boundary towards Risør in the east to Valøyene outside Fevik in Grimstad municipality in the west. As much as 98% of the area is defined as sea and seabed. This area extends from the coast and far to the sea – up to 12 nautical miles (22 km) from the outer islands and islets along the coast.

The creation of Raet National Park in 2016 laid the foundation for future generations to create memories of beautiful and generous coastal nature. Raet National Park is located in and near areas with high population density and many business and recreational activities. The interaction between protection and sustainable use is therefore important.

This publication on the ecosystems of Raet National Park shows the diversity and interaction of marine ecosystems. It highlights five key ecosystems and ecosystem services that the park contributes to. The illustrations are designed so that people do not have a strong connection to the marine environment can understand and appreciate the values of the park.

Photos from the project, click to view large:

December 2017

Identification of priority ecosystem services

Collection of available biophysical foundations for priority ecosystem services, including status and trends, and of available socio-economic information

January 2018

Identification of ecosystem services “hot-spots”

December 2018

Final report


Christian Neumann, GRID-Arendal