Integrating mangrove forests into REDD+ workshop


Organised by the Norwegian Blue Forest Network and Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI)

Oslo, October 16-17

The goal of the workshop was to identify key challenges and potential solutions for integrating mangroves into REDD+ strategies. The workshop participants identified several key categories of challenges for integrating mangroves into REDD+, including social barriers (e.g. lack of analytical capabilities within specific regions); policy barriers (e.g. unclear tenure in mangrove areas and jurisdictional controls); market-based barriers (e.g. access to carbon markets, how to structure benefit sharing schemes); and monitoring barriers (e.g. complexity with soil depth measurements). Breakout groups then detailed aspects of challenges within each category, focusing on social, policy, market-based, and monitoring issues. Solutions to some of these barriers were also suggested. From these discussions, two key themes emerged: 

  1. Several challenges are shared with tropical terrestrial forests, but mangroves also present unique challenges. These challenges can be overcome as the importance of the values outweigh the existing barriers.
  2. Social and cultural issues are embedded in many of the challenges to integrating mangroves into REDD+, although there are identified interventions and potential solutions that can be used to overcome these.

Read the workshop report below: