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New research brings us one step closer to making seaweed an ‘actionable’ blue carbon ecosystem

A new study finds that seaweed forests are responsible for 3-4% of the global ocean carbon sink. Norway’s vast kelp forests have an important climate mitigation role to play – particularly in the face of rising ocean temperatures. The world’s seaweed forests are declining at an alarming rate. Urgent action is needed to halt – […]

Top 10 Trends for Blue Forests 2023

Top 10 Trends 2023 report   Continuing the tradition from last year, the Norwegian Blue Forest Network has gathered marine experts to assemble their joint overview of the greatest trends for blue forests research, management and policy over the course of the year. 2023 unfolded as a year of unprecedented challenges, from global warming to […]

Illustration of blue forests by Hasan Abbas, GRID-Arendal

Blue Forests & COP28

Blue forests & COP28: overview of Oceans, Blue Forests and Blue Carbon events Gro Slotsvik – GRID-Arendal   The annual UN climate Conference of the Parties (COP) took place in Dubai on 30 November to 12 December 2023. We gathered all events relevant to blue forests in a single easy-to-read overview.  COP28 had a varied […]

30 by 30: how to restore the kelp forests?

30 BY 30: HOW TO RESTORE THE KELP FORESTS? Barbro Taraldset Haugland – Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Norway   A couple of years into the UN Decade of Ocean Science, there is increased focus on restoring blue forests along the coastline. In December, Norway signed the UN Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, where one of […]

NBFN at Arendalsuka 2023

NBFN AT ARENDALSUKA 2023 During Arendalsuka, experts, politicians, and industry representatives gathered in  GRID-Arendal’s back garden to discuss what it will take to further develop the seaweed industry in Norway and Europe.  Watch the full event on YouTube Norway is in many regards an ideal country for cultivating seaweed, with tangle, rockweed, and sugar kelp growing […]

The Kelp Industry: Opportunities, barriers & next steps

THE KELP INDUSTRY: OPPORTUNITIES, BARRIERS, AND NEXT STEPS Authors: Sunniva Tangen Haldorsen (NIVA), Gunhild Borgersen (NIVA), Arne Duinker (IMR), Peter Haugan (IMR), Cecilie Wathne (Norwegian Blue Forests Network)   Seaweed farming could become a major industry in Europe, with many predicting that the industry is about to take off. Among the countries in question is […]

Norway is betting on blue forests

Norway is betting on blue forests By Cecilie Wathne (NBFN), Torill Sateroy (GRID-Arendal, NBFN) and Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda (Urchinomics) One Ocean Week got off to a strong start with the Norwegian government’s ocean conference on Monday, April 17th. In addition to choosing blue forests as one of the themes for the day, the government came up […]

High integrity nature-based carbon offsetting is vital in the fight against climate change

High Integrity Nature-Based Carbon Offsetting is Vital in the Fight Against Climate Change By Steven Lutz, Senior Programme Officer and Blue Carbon Lead, GRID-Arendal. Repost from GRID-Arendal The conservation and restoration of carbon-rich mangrove forests is an important nature-based climate solution that can assist in mitigating the global climate crisis. Mangrove root in Indonesia. Steven […]

Sugar kelp forests on the directorates’ rescue list

SUGAR KELP FORESTS ON THE DIRECTORATES’ RESCUE LIST By Trine Bekkby, Eli Rinde, and Hege Gundersen – Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) Sugar kelp forests along the Norwegian coast are important habitats for a large number of species and contribute many ecosystem services, such as food,  raw materials, and carbon sequestration. Sugar kelp forests […]

NBFN’s Top Ten Trends Article Launched at Oslo Seminar

NBFN’S TOP TEN TRENDS ARTICLE LAUNCHED AT OSLO SEMINAR Audience participating in the seminar Q&A session  On February 1st, NBFN held a breakfast seminar in Oslo to launch the network’s latest article, Top Ten Blue Forests Trends of 2022. The room was filled with stakeholders from both public and private sectors, reflecting the cross-cutting nature of managing […]

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