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Norway is betting on blue forests

Norway is betting on blue forests By Cecilie Wathne (NBFN), Torill Sateroy (GRID-Arendal, NBFN) and Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda (Urchinomics) One Ocean Week got off to a strong start with the Norwegian government’s ocean conference on Monday, April 17th. In addition to choosing blue forests as one of the themes for the day, the government came up […]

High integrity nature-based carbon offsetting is vital in the fight against climate change

High Integrity Nature-Based Carbon Offsetting is Vital in the Fight Against Climate Change By Steven Lutz, Senior Programme Officer and Blue Carbon Lead, GRID-Arendal. Repost from GRID-Arendal The conservation and restoration of carbon-rich mangrove forests is an important nature-based climate solution that can assist in mitigating the global climate crisis. Mangrove root in Indonesia. Steven […]

Sugar kelp forests on the directorates’ rescue list

SUGAR KELP FORESTS ON THE DIRECTORATES’ RESCUE LIST By Trine Bekkby, Eli Rinde, and Hege Gundersen – Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) Sugar kelp forests along the Norwegian coast are important habitats for a large number of species and contribute many ecosystem services, such as food,  raw materials, and carbon sequestration. Sugar kelp forests […]

Ripple effects of further loss of blue forest

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM HIGHLIGHTS LOSS OF NATURAL DIVERSITY AS ONE OF THE FIVE BIGGEST THREATS TO THE WORLD ECONOMY.​ In connection with the International Day for Biological Diversity, the Norwegian Blue Forests Network for is launching a policy brief on the importance of blue forests for biodiversity. Blue forests, such as seaweed and kelp forests, […]

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