Between November 9 and 13, Norwegian Blue Forests Network is organising a digital conference to set the agenda for work with blue forests in Norway and internationally. Blue forests include seaweed, kelp, mangroves  and seagrass that we find in varying degrees throughout the world. The speakers and debaters will include leading knowledge institutions, business and administration.

We want to create a conference that goes beyond the framework of regular digital conferences. From a studio in Oslo, we will arrange debates and bring the participants interactive, digital platforms that will give them a feeling of being physically involved. The Minister of Climate and the Environment will be there, alongside experts within the field of blue forests. The conference is free to attend, and will consist of a three-hour program each day. And if you’re getting tired of boring online meetings that go on indefinitely, fear not: We promise that the only way you’ll get blue is by gaining lots of new knowledge and inspiration about the sea of ​​possibilities we will take a deep dive into!

Who is the conference for? Absolutely everyone who is curious about blue forests is welcome to participate. Whether you are a researcher, politician, administrator, science teacher or influencer, you will be able to experience learning something new and expand the blue horizon.

The final day of the conference, November 13, will be in English.