NBFN aims to jointly strengthen the Norwegian competence and know-how in blue forests so that its full potential in addressing the global climate challenge and provisioning of other ecosystem services can be met nationally and abroad.

The four main objectives are to:

Raise awareness in Norway on the role of blue forests in capturing and long-term storing atmospheric carbon dioxide and their role in providing multiple and important ecosystem services through targeted communications and outreach.

Conduct research to contribute to increased knowledge on the role of blue forests, nationally and internationally, in addressing the global climate challenge and in supporting a wide range of vital ecosystem services.

Develop and execute action oriented projects in Norway and elsewhere, aiming to conserve and improve ecosystem management for blue forests.

Support the Norwegian blue forests policy and research agenda and its implementation nationally and internationally, under the various international climate and biodiversity conventions and mechanisms, as well as those with a national origin requested by the Parliament, Government and subordinate agencies.

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