What are Blue Forests?

Blue Forests are marine and coastal ecosystems that provide numerous goods and services both to the marine environment and people

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Annual Report 2017

At NBFN we take pride in our work for blue forests. 2017 saw a myriad of activities; from scientific trips to the lush seagrass meadows and kelp forests, and policy engagement at the historic UN Summit on Sustainable Development Goal 14, “The Ocean Conference", to...

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Integrating mangrove forests into REDD+ workshop

Organised by the Norwegian Blue Forest Network and Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) Oslo, October 16-17   The goal of the workshop was to identify key challenges and potential solutions for integrating mangroves into REDD+ strategies. The...

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Role of kelp export in shaping adjacent benthic ecosystems: steps for international collaboration Oslo, 19-20 September 2017 The main goal of the KELCO workshop was to bring together national and international experts with different scientific backgrounds on kelp and...

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icon: awarenessraise awareness on blue forests through targeted communications and outreach

icon: researchconduct research to develop further knowledge on blue forests

icon: actiondevelop and execute action oriented projects in Norway and abroad

icon: supportsupport the Norwegian blue forests policy and research agenda