What are Blue Forests?

Blue Forests are marine and coastal ecosystems that provide numerous goods and services both to the marine environment and people

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Marine life – deep sea heroes fighting climate change

Most efforts to address carbon emissions focus on land-based solutions such as conserving or replanting forests. However, marine life may be unlikely heroes in our fight against climate change and in avoiding the major global disasters warned of in the latest report...

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New video!

What if someone told you that you could use seaweed as an ingredient in your bread, drink water from a seaweed-membrane bottle, and use seagrass as a primary raw material for your mobile phone case or your sunglasses?     Covering more than two-thirds of the planet,...

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NBFN on Arendalsuka 2018

"Bærekraftig vekst i de blå skogene"   Velkommen til Norsk nettverk for Blå Skogs kveldsarrangement, torsdag 16/8 kl 19 – 22, Le Monde Arendal.   Rebekka, Manuel, Stavros, Siri og Trond kommer! Kommer du?   Del gjerne med kolleger som du tror er interessert! Og trykk...

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icon: awarenessraise awareness on blue forests through targeted communications and outreach

icon: researchconduct research to develop further knowledge on blue forests

icon: actiondevelop and execute action oriented projects in Norway and abroad

icon: supportsupport the Norwegian blue forests policy and research agenda